De-lish. Edamame soy burgers!

I really thought I was going to write a post a day. Ha! That didn’t happen. But I’m back. And I’m cooking. Healthy. Vegetarian. High protein. You name it. Check out this delicious recipe – edamame soy burgers with sri racha and pickled ginger on top. I found the recipe online a couple years ago, but added and changed things around based on what I have. I definitely recommend making these.

What You’re Going to Need-

  1. 1/4 cup millet flour  (It was actually millet, not millet flour – but I that’s all I had)
  2. 1/2 cup water
  3. salt
  4. a medium sized carrot
  5. a couple radishes
  6. inch or two of ginger – I like ginger, I used two inches
  7. clove of garlic
  8. lime juice from half a lime
  9. 2 tbsp mirin – it’s a sweet rice wine used in Japanese cooking
  10. Sri Racha! Depends on how spicy you like it
  11. 8 cups of frozen, peeled edamame
  12. 1 1/2 cups panko – Japanese style bread crumbs
  13. 2 egg whites
  14. Olive Oil Pam spray

Heat up the millet in a pan, add the cold water and a little salt, put in a bowl. Medium size, large size – whatever you have. 🙂 Then, grate in the radish, carrot, ginger and chopped garlic. Add the mirin, Sri Racha, and lime juice.

Boil up the thawed edamame. Since it’s already cooked, just heat it for around five minutes. Drain and add to the bowl. Add the rest of the salt you would like – depends on your preference. Stir everything up, let it cool for about ten minutes.

Small amount by small amount, use a food processor to puree into a paste. I don’t mind eating a couple whole edamame beans, and I don’t have the biggest food processor, so I made what I had work. Fold in the egg whites and panko crumbs.

Place parchment paper on the bottom of a baking pan, and mold the edamame paste (for lack of a better word) into three inch patties – you’ll have enough for eight burgers. Place ’em in the fridge to set for ten mintes or so – turn on the oven to about 400 degrees.

Once they’re set, spray Pam Olive Oil spray on both sides. This will help with the “crunch” and prevent adding additional calories from regular olive oil. Put them in the oven, cook ’em for about five minutes, flip them, cook another five minutes… keep going until your get the crisp/golden brown you may be looking for.

Serve with Sri Racha, pickled ginger, wasabi, maybe naan, lettuce cups … you name it! Enjoy. These are — errr vegan? Definitely filling and delightful!

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